Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moving Mama

This is a big week.  Mama is moving.  She's been my next door neighbor for the last 10 years.  Now, she's going to be my sister's next door neighbor for -- I hope -- the next 20.

Some people might not enjoy living next door to Mama.  Obviously, they just don't have the right kind of mama.  My mama and I have done all kinds of fun things together.  We've adventured to places we've never been (and still have quite a list to go, both near and far).  We've commiserated with each other over various and sundry things.  We've SHOPPED......oh boy, we LOVE to shop!  And gardened and raised dogs.  It's been great.  But this particular stage of her life is coming to an end.  She's moving on and leaving me behind.

I shouldn't sound too sad.  After all, she's only moving across town.  But when you've been with someone almost daily for years, that's quite an adjustment.  But it's time.  Her big old house and her even bigger property has just gotten too much to handle.  Heck, so has mine and I'm more than several years her junior.  So, I've got some rather mixed feelings about all this.  But tomorrow the movers come and we'll spend the weekend getting her house in some kind of working order.  And then we'll talk about what trouble we're planning on getting into next.  Can't wait!