Monday, May 25, 2009

The Baker's Dozen....

Actually, dozen and a half....cupcakes. Good cupcakes; strawberry ones. Made with very fresh "from the farm" strawberries. Recipe called for yummy sounding cream cheese frosting. With 3 sticks of butter and 8 oz of cream cheese and almost a whole box of powdered sugar. Plus, more fresh strawberries and a little strawberry jam.

Alas and alack, I don't think the frosting is quite right. Somehow, I did something to it. I'm guessing I didn't beat the butter and cream cheese and sugar together long enough. But how do I know? I'm not the best cook around and obviously FAR from the best baker. If I was, first of all, I'd know how to avoid this problem and secondly, I would know how to fix it if I didn't avoid it. I don't know either of those things. You'd think that by this age I would have learned SOMETHING.

Consequently, my wonderful strawberry cupcakes that I worked all morning to make the old-fashioned way FROM SCRATCH will now taste sort of like SCRATCH. No frosting unless we want to just slather the top with this butter-based concoction that's passing for frosting sitting in my refrigerator right now.

This is really when I wish my grandmother was still around. (Not my mother; she's not all that terrific at baking either.) I need a note from heaven about the finer points of frosting making. For next time. And yes, I guess there will be a next time....sigh.......

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