Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the Library: Dog Days - Dispatches from Bedlam Farm

I got finished with this book by Jon Katz a few days ago.  Just wanted to share that it's a nice, mellow read.  You may be familiar with Katz's other books, among them A Good Dog and The Dogs of Bedlam Farm.  I haven't read those, but I have read his New Work of Dogs which I thought was really good.

Bedlam Farm is in upstate New York and Katz tells little stories about the foibles and adventures of his relationships with all his animals, including a couple of Border Collies, a Lab, his four donkeys, Elvis the steer and his rooster, Winston......oh, and the barn cat, Mother.

It's very entertaining.  One of the most intriguing things to me is the fact that he lives at the farm almost all the time and his wife still maintains and lives in their home in New Jersey.  She drops in for occasional visits, but apparently isn't much of a "farm girl".  That arrangement seems to work out well for everybody concerned.  Maybe more marriages should try it out :))

If you like dogs, you'll like Dog Days.

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