Monday, March 24, 2008

Flashes or Pounds?

It's really not fair. You wait all your life to not have to put up with periods, cramps, and all the related folderol that goes with it. You finally get your wish. But nobody ever tells you what you get in addition.

This morning I got on my scales. I weighed..... a lot more than I want to. What's so depressing is not the weight gain itself, although God knows that's depressing enough. No, it's the CAUSE of the weight gain. Last August I began some hormone therapy. Now this was not a snap decision by any means. I had been sweating, melting and bitching for the previous two years. Oh yes -- and not sleeping, which for me is worse. I kept thinking it would go away. It didn't. So I hied myself to my doctor who immediately said, "I can fix this and you'll think I'm a miracle worker." He did and I did. What he didn't tell me is that over the next 6 months I would put on approximately 8-10 MORE pounds to go along with the 12 I already needed to lose. So, here I am today, 20 pounds overweight and feeling like a beached baby whale. To add insult to injury, my hot flashes and waking up at night have come back! YES! Can you believe it? Not only am I fat, but now I'm fat AND hot. And that "hot" is not in a good way at all. I can see right now that Dr. Miracle Worker and I are going to have to have a "sit down" about this. If I can't get the thermostat turned down by taking hormones, then I can at least shed a few of these pounds by not.

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Sherry said...

Donna, I'm Aries & Dragon also--two words related to Airedale!