Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Has Not Sprung

I hate to resort to talking about the weather of all things, but's damn cold outside! And it's raining and gray and the wind's blowing like crazy and it actually HAILED on me at lunchtime.

This is not my spring time of choice, I can tell you. I have things to DO, mostly of the outside variety. Emptying pots for new plants; cleaning out flower beds; putting down fresh mulch; pruning shrubs. All this really makes me sound like an avid gardner, doesn't it? WRONG WRONG WRONG. I'm not. My thumb's not black, but it definitely runs.... ummm.... beige-to-brown in most cases. But, I love the way everything looks after all the work is done. Green and fresh and growing. I just wish that winning lottery ticket would materialize so I could get somebody else to do the actual work/maintenance part of the equation. I'm much better at the admiring part. Oh, and the directing part, as in "could you put in some roses over here" and "those limbs need to be cut right there".

Ah well. I understand from the weather folks (whose guesses are about as good as mine) it's supposed to warm up by the weekend. Yard work can start in earnest. And by the following week, I should be in traction as I struggle valiantly to get it all done. In springtime, my thoughts don't turn to thoughts of love as much as to thoughts of aspirin and massage.

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