Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm in the Olympics!

Actually, that would be the "Ravelympics" over at What fun!

For those who don't know, this is a knitting/crocheting community with LOTS of members. To celebrate the Olympics, many of the knitting groups are participating in their very own knitting Olympics. Started with the opening ceremonies and will end when the flame gets moved or covered or whatever it is they do with it at the end.

My group is Afghans for Afghans, a charitable organization that knits for the mothers and children of Afghanistan. I'm not "Ravelry" competent, so there are issues with trying to get a picture of my chosen event up there: a small afghan. There's all these instructions about how to post through Flickr and a couple of other ways. Egads! Not that I couldn't figure it out, but shit. It's like EVERY website has its own different way of doing things; 3 dozen pages of instructions... etc. etc. etc. I get tired of trying to decipher all that junk. I've got at least 2 or 3 better things to do. Couldn't I just upload the picture from my computer like I do normally? NO...... So, I'm posting the picture of my yarn here. And when I get finished (which I hope will be at the closing bell, but I don't know..........fingers will only go so fast and I do have to do a couple of other things like feed dogs, myself & husband, sleep....), I'll put up the finished product here. THEN, if I feel like mucking around with the how-to's over at Ravelry, I'll put it up there.

So, here's the colorway (multi/blue/purple)...... wish me luck in my event!

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Sherry said...

Love those colors and am looking forward to a pic of the finished result--whether or not you get done on time.