Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ravelympics Afghan Does NOT Cross the Finish Line

So, as promised, here is the picture of my poor, pathetic little afghan. It tried to compete, to no avail. It's only about one-third done. At least I think I'll be able to have it finished by the time the Afghan for Afghan folks need them in order to be shipped.

I have a confession to make though. This afghan only saw the first few days of Olympic competition. I know. We were supposed to be WATCHING and knitting. And I did. In the beginning. But seeing all those buff, beautiful, young, supple, etc. etc. bodies on display all day and night got to be truly depressing. Except for the horses at the equestrian venue. Now, those I could have watched the entire two weeks.

Instead, I turned to my knitting standbys: movies. New ones, old ones; makes no difference. And yesterday I hit a bonanza. TNT was showing the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy. I sat down after lunch and just about never got up again. I love those movies. I loved the books.....several times. And they are just about perfect to knit by. No concentration required. Just look up to see Viggio Mortensen or Orlando Bloom every once in a while. And smile. Fingers keep moving. Brain goes on flight of fancy with the Middle Earth gang. Can't get much better than that. Now, if I'd had two weeks worth of those kinds of movies, who knows how big this afghan would be by now. Can you say "king-size bedspread"?

I have no idea what happened during the closing ceremonies at Beijing. I was sailing away with Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf with a ship full of fairies in to the setting sun.

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