Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Ravelympics Medal for Me!

Okay, y'all. I'm out of the running for a medal. Not even a teeninsey one. I swear, I have worked on my little afghan religiously. Well, semi-religiously. But truly..... as much as I possibly could. And the Olympics are almost over and I've only got about 7" of the damn thing done. (But it looks pretty nice.) I will work feverishly up until the closing bell -- or whatever it is they're going to do to signal the end. And I will faithfully post a picture of whatever I've gotten done to that point. Maybe I can do some sprinting in these final days. ("My fingers get tired, " she whined and pouted.)

So, on to something else. Yes, I've been knitting, but at night when I crawl in to bed, I've been reading. And this is the book: The Night Journal by Elizabeth Crook. It's really good. And not too terribly long....about 400 pages. One of the liner notes says "A mesmerizing novel about four generations of women bound to a mythical legacy in the American Southwest." Ms. Crook has a web site: So, you might want to go check it out over there. I give it a "couldn't put it down till I finished the last 40 pages" review. And that was a couple of mornings ago while waking up with my coffee. The start of my day got delayed because I had to see how it ended. You probably won't like all of the characters, but that's what makes it interesting.

I have to go knit now. (Do you think I could get a maid, cook and kennel help for the next few days? I could sit and knit till my fingers dropped off.)

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