Thursday, November 19, 2009

Literary Dogs

Just received an email from the AKC about a cute little contest they've devised in conjunction with  They're asking people to vote for their favorite dog character in literature.  As several people pointed out, they left out two icons:  Lassie and Lad.  But included Clifford The Big Red Dog.  Huh?  And CUJO!  At least they managed to include my second fav, Skip of My Dog Skip fame.

I've read lots of dog stories in my life, but probably the one that I would have to vote for is one I never read.  I was too young to know how at the time.  But my father read it to me -- a chapter every night before bed.  You'll recognize him:  Old Yeller.  I remember very well being taken to see the movie when it came out.  I think it was the first time (but definitely not the last) I ever cried at the movies. 

I guess I can thank that "old yeller dog" for being engulfed in dog hair and drool since then.

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