Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Electronic Toy Overload

Oh my.  I have Swiss cheese brain this afternoon.  And I think the holes will only get larger.

I got my new B&N Nook e-reader late yesterday afternoon.  YEA!  It was my Christmas present.  Of course, I can't really use it yet because I have to wait for the the nice Geek Squad guy to get here Friday with the wireless router and all the other whatevers it will take to get the new laptop up and running.  I'm hoping it's going to be as simple for me as it was when the B&N guy demonstrated it for me way back in December.

So, I got out the new HP this afternoon and set it up, ready and waiting for Friday.  Took a quick tour of Microsoft Works..........oh my dear.  This is going to be like learning "how to computer" all over again.  Fifteen minutes and my head was in a twirl.  I had to shut down and go get a drink.  I know I'll get it.  The question is, WHEN? 

Deep breaths, Donna........DEEP BREATHS.

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