Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Treading Water

Well, let's see.  What have I learned over the weekend?  I guess mainly that I wish I was 14 again so all this "advanced technology" would truly be child's play for me.  But I'm not, and it's not.

I have managed to buy and download my first book to my Nook.  Haven't had a chance to start reading it.....must make sure I know what all the buttons do.  And gosh...there's only about 5 to know.  So right now I know 3.  Good.  That's progress.

The laptop is up and running.  I'm using it now.  But none of my "stuff" from the old computer is on there......had to buy a Windows 7 book to try to learn from for all that.  Today, I feel like the Oz Scarecrow...........straw stuffing and all.

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Anonymous said...

For all your questions, if you've time for forum-life, there's MobileRead:


Good forum for ebooks, ebook devices (specific forums for each device), and just general friendliness.

I (montsnmags) am not responsible for anything I've ever said there (the devil made me do it ;) ).