Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Musing - The Disappearance of Days

What happened to last week?  Somehow, I lost it.  It's always a mystery to me that chunks of days can somehow just evaporate, or at least seem to.

Thursday before last, all was well.  There were some political dog issues on the horizon and some work to do with the Alabama Canine Coalition with those.  By Friday afternoon, that had blown up in to a major "event".  Phone calls flying back and forth all day Friday.....Monday.... Tuesday I was on my way to the state capitol for a meeting.  Wednesday I was back.  Friday I left for a grooming seminar in Nashville for the weekend.  Home yesterday afternoon.

It sounds so simple when you just type it out.  But nothing is ever simple, is it?  All the phone calls, writing, emailing, research paperwork that went into the ACC meeting isn't reflected in that little laundry list.  Having to do the housewifely chores on Thursday before leaving on Friday, plus getting together all the grooming paraphanalia and begin loading up the car doesn't show up.  Nor does making sure the dog that went to the seminar with me was bathed and clean and fluffed on Friday morning before leaving Friday afternoon.

I'm hoping for a much slower paced week this week...... no surprises.  I still have to get my technology running up to speed, for heaven's sakes.  Sometimes boring is good.

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