Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rover Ramble: Paws in the Garden

The Little Black Dogs, I and the MOTH (Man of the House) decided to get out for a breath of fresh spring air and a little sunshine this past weekend.  One of the botanical gardens opened to dog people -- and dogs -- as a fundraiser for a local shelter.  We got there about noon and had to wait in the parking lot for a space to come open so we could park.  People certainly love getting out with their dogs.

Blue & Vivi did me proud.  They didn't go nuts.  They didn't bark their fool heads off.  Vivi didn't play-growl at any other dog.  Blue didn't snap at impertinent puppies that got too much in his face. They were on best Scottie behavior.  This made me happy for two reasons.  One, they didn't embarrass me to death by acting like some rabid dogs I had picked up off the street.  Two, they comported themselves in a wonderful "ambassadorial" style, letting strangers know that Scotties can be very mannerly and wonderful little dogs.  I know there are many people who have a poor opinion of Scotties because the ones they've seen in the past acted like lunatics.  I blame this primarily on the owners for not teaching appropriate manners to their dogs.  It's kind of like people who let their small children run up and down the aisles and crawl under the tables at restaurants.  Nobody blames the kid.  Nope; those nasty looks are reserved for the parents.  Same thing with dogs and owners.  Dogs can learn if owners will teach.

Now that the weather is getting better, we'll be getting out and about more and more.  All will be excellent learning opportunities for them.... and for me.

Blue & Vivi

Vivi did have to throw a little growly fit about all these turtles.  But it was mainly under her breath.  Good thing she was leashed; she would have been swimming out to get them.

Team Dosido:  Donna, Blue & Vivi

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Sherry said...

You know about Marjorie Flack's Angus books, right? Best Scottie artist around.

I've just realized that I may have induced my son's Scottie yearnings by reading him those books when he was young and impressionable.