Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Time in the Summer Time

Air conditioning vents are wonderful!

Where are my lottery winnings when I need them?

There is something about summer that makes me long to be rich. Not for yachts, pools, trips and all that junk. NO. I want money to be able to run my air conditioner as low and long as I like. Expense be hanged! Barring that, I'll take a nice little storybook rental on the coast of Maine.....or maybe Nova Scotia for the summer months. Packing up books, knitting and dogs and hightailing it for the northern hinterlands in summer sounds like a sterling idea to me. Anywhere where the temperature does not exceed 80 during the day and the humidity has never seen 100%.

Living in the South is miserable this time of year. It saps all the energy and enthusiasm right out of your body. It's a chore just to breathe. No wonder all those belles of yesteryear took hours-long naps every afternoon. And sat around in rocking chairs fanning themselves to beat 60. The words "prostrate from the heat" are no mystery to me. Summer Hibernation is the only way to get through the months of July, August and September. And it is just damn boring, too.

I long for October and a high of 78!

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