Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Vivi Chronicles - Collar Crisis Averted

The mayhem has subsided. Finally.

For the past week, Miss Viv has been pushed to the edge and over by the dreaded puppy collar. It's hell having to wear jewelry that you didn't get to pick out yourself. Especially if you've never had any on to start with. You'd like to feel like you have SOME control over your life, eh?

We started out wearing our little hand-me-down collar left over from Blue's babyhood. It unleashed Vivi's wilder side immediately. The scrubbing on the floor; the running through the house like a mad thing; the statue imitation; the WHINING. So, it came off after a couple of hours. A day or so later, we tried again. Same exact thing.

Yesterday, after conferring with a couple of other doggie-type people, a brand new Vivi Collar was bought (a nice little pink & brown number) and affixed to said puppy's neck. Again, with the whole Drama Queen routine. But this time, it did no good. The collar stayed. She finally wore herself out and put herself to bed early and even slept through the night.

Eureka! It was all a bad dream. The nasty collar is gone this morning. She can walk. She can run. She can eat. She can play. LIBERATION! I smile a secret little smile and agree with her. This is one delusion I'll let her keep.

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