Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seismic Scottie Part 2

Well, Miss Vivi has been here one week and a day. In that time, she's had her head peed on twice: once by Dosi and once by Blue. Neither were intentional. She just had to figure out about which end does what.

Dosi has decided to babysit. Reluctantly and only once in a while, but at least she's not barking and/or growling at Vivi every time the poor thing barely touches her.

Blue tried to behead her 3 times earlier in the week. Since then, he's resorted to just growling and curling that upper lip so his oh-so impressive fangs show a little. He's cracking though. Every so often he forgets that he's supposed to hate her. Instead, he sniffs and does a little nose touch. It's just a matter of time; his fate is sealed.

Today, she got to visit the hair salon and be ooh'd and aah'd over. That trip would have been good except that she got carsick on the way home 3 times. We definitely will have to work on that as she will be a going Jesse once her show career starts.

Also, today she had a big shadowbox tump over on top of her. That was plenty scary. It's the first time I've really seen her afraid of anything. We'll revisit that spot several times over the next few days to prove that that particular corner isn't out to get her.

Puppy life.......never a dull moment.

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