Friday, January 9, 2009

Sidetracked AGAIN

I'd like to say that I've finished with that attic thing. But you know the answer to that already. Isn't it amazing how you can lose focus so quickly and so completely when it comes to "cleaning out"?

In my defense, I have made a marvelous start. And it IS just the 9th of January. But somehow the days of this week have just slipped by without me even opening the door to The Black Hole.....well, maybe I could just say The Dark Gray Hole; some progress has been made after all.

Tomorrow is already committed to something else (a knitting class; thank God it's not grooming dogs or cleaning up anything!). Sunday, I know at least one little black dog that requires a "re-bath". So, it looks like the week of the 11th will have to be designated as Resume Organization Week. Sigh. Keep your fingers crossed that I can say "all done" at the end of the week.

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