Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My New Reality

A couple of days ago as I was trying to drift back to sleep after being awakened by a scratching, moaning dog, I had an epiphany. Not a good one. As I struggled to regain mind quietness, all of a sudden from out of nowhere came this thought: in 13 years, I will be 70.

You can imagine how my effort to return to blissful sleep was shattered. 13 years used to sound like, oh, 30. Now, it sounds more like 5. And this is all the dogs' faults. All of them....the ones here now and the past ones who have gone on to the great Rainbow Bridge in the sky. 13 years is just about the length of my dogs' lives. I am one dog away from 70. OH.....MY.....GOD!

50 I embraced. 55 could be dealt with. I was just getting my head wrapped around the possibility of an upcoming 60 in a couple of years. But 70! This whole idea has rocked my world. Did I never expect to get to 70? I don't know what I've been thinking........"not thinking" would actually be more accurate I guess. There are a whole lot more things I'd like to do, see and be before this body starts a more rapid decline. (My knee is leading the march towards decrepitude.) Guess I better get my ass in gear.

Thank you, puppies. I think.

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