Monday, September 28, 2009

Network? What Network TV?

Even though I'm a HUGE fan of Dancing with the Stars (I hear the snickers....quiet!), I'm abandoning all network TV this week.  Ken Burns' new series on the National Parks system started last night on PBS.  If you didn't see it, start tonight.  It's FABULOUS, informative and fun.  It will be on every night this week.

Last night set the stage with the first parks being created:  Yosemite, Sequoia, one other I don't recall the name of, and the great Yellowstone.  John Muir, a Scotsman by heritage but raised here, was a moving force in the birth of the parks system.  He sounds so terribly fascinating himself that I might have to go to the library and delve a little more in to his history.

I guess there will probably be a I will have to buy.  And then, I'm sure PBS will use the video to raise money.  But right now, it's all free and I'm watching!  Hope you are, too.

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