Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday's Finish

Did you think I was eaten by a scrapbook or something?  Not hardly.  Haven't even been back to that side of the room this whole entire week.  Not that I haven't THOUGHT about it.....WANTED to.....just never happened.  And why not you ask?

Why not indeed.  Monday was throw-the-house-back-to-order-from-the- weekend.  Tuesday & Wednesday were taken with a flying trip to Atlanta to get The Little Black Dogs groomed.  Yes, I know I groom them.  But I do not groom them CORRECTLY.  God knows I try.  I think I'll probably have that put on my tombstone.  Something to the effect of "I did the best I could."  That would just about cover everything I think.

Thursday was Hunting & Gathering Day (food for the household hungry).  And today was Little Black Sambo Day, otherwise known as "mowing the hayfields we call yards" around here.

So, I have tomorrow and Sunday to finish out this wonderful week.  Could I maybe make it to one of the stools around the craft table?  Maybe.  If it rains.  Seems like I do a lot better with my creative stuff on soggy days.

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