Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Musing

This is what my poor little Knockout rose bush looked like on Saturday morning.  Yep, we got about an inch of the white stuff in Alabama.  It's probably as close as we'll ever get to a White Christmas.  It was very pretty early in the morning and then by noon, it was all gone.
We Southerners are a strange bunch when it comes to snow.  We see it so seldom in any appreciable quantity, that we all become 6 year-olds at the mention of the word, much less the actual product.  And then, after the initial "oh boy....SNOW", we get all panicky and go in to "milk/bread/eggs" survival mode.  I bet Friday at the grocery stores was crazy.  It's really amusing.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 60 degrees.

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