Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musing

Christmas traditions really can be fun even when you've done them for years on end and you may think they are getting rather stale.

Yesterday, the women of the family(along with one lone boyfriend) trekked downtown to the grand old Alabama Theater to watch "White Christmas" on the big screen.  We can't remember precisely, but it seems that this must be at least the 7th year for this.  And every year -- even though we can quote whole scenes worth of the script -- it's just as much fun.  The mighty Wurlitzer organ is played superbly for a half hour before show time.  Then comes the audience Christmas carol singalong.  The organ disappears under the stage, the lights go down, the velvet curtains open and the event begins; always with a classic Disney cartoon.  This year it was Donald Duck's turn at bat.

Throughout the movie, you can hear people (usually me, but others, too) softly singing under their breath.  The laughter comes easily.  We love Bing.  We love Rosemary.  We are in awe of Vera Ellen and her teeny, tiny waist.  But oh, how we ADORE Danny Kaye.  I really think it's the only reason my mother continues to attend.  Well, that and she loves all the 50s ambiance.  She says it reminds her of "how much fun we used to have......y'all just don't know how to have a good time now."  The Sisters's song is probably my and my sister's highlight.  Both the versions. 

And at the last when Bing, Danny, Rosemary & Vera Ellen stand before the glorious Christmas tree and encourage their film audience to join them in the last chorus of "White Christmas", the Alabama crowd is THERE and we oblige.  The theater rings as we sing out and enjoy the White Christmas experience for another year.

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