Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For the Love of a Dog

Today I had the privilege of helping an Airedale rescue boy and his new owner start to build a foundation of trust.  Seems that George is a 3-year old with quite a lot of baggage.  This is his third home in as many years.  A sweet, sweet boy, but with oh so many anxieties and fears.  Fortunately for him, his new owner is committed to working with him and loving him and keeping him.  George's main problem is his fence jumping.  His second main problem is his lack of connection with humans.  For whatever reasons (which we will never really know), he hasn't learned that humans can be fun, trustworthy, caring and hanging out with them can be just as good --sometimes better -- than hanging with canine buds.

I was really surprised when George's owner asked me how much I charged for coming to "consult" with her.  She was even more surprised than me when I laughed and said, "Nothing."  Little could she know that this is for an Airedale debt that I can never repay.  I have been loved by 3 wonderful Airedales so far in my life.  If I can keep one in a home that will love him and protect him until the day he dies, it just goes toward the love loan that was given to me.  On the way home, I looked at the picture of the one closest to my heart that rides in my car stuck on the visor so I can see it if I glance up.  Today was that girl's tribute.  And only a drop in the bucket to what she gave me in her short life.

It will take time for George to see that someone is going to love him no matter what.  But he will see it.  His new owner wants that.  And I told her if she wants that enough, then it can happen.  With a rescue you can't make promises, but I think I'm right.  I hope I am.  For George's sake.  For his owner's.  For mine.

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