Friday, August 14, 2009

Meditations on Yard Work

Well, after I "freshened" yesterday, I did mow grass. And I mowed some more this morning. When there are ACRES of lawn, it takes the efforts and time of more than one. I do a little; my mother does a little; my husband does a little. It's torturous. Especially if you're not a yard person like me. I have told everyone who would ever listen that the only reason I have a yard in the first place is for my dogs. A few pots of flowers would do me just fine, thank you very much. If I needed more nature than that..........well, isn't that what they have parks for?

Only rich people should have large (or in our case, EXTRA LARGE) yards -- and the yard men or service to go along with them. Seeing as how I'm not rich, nor am I ever likely to be, I have two options. Move or do it myself. I think maybe I should be working on that move aspect. I'll put that on the overlong, overdue list.

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