Friday, August 21, 2009


It was Monday. POOF!........ It's now Friday. How did that happen? Time has a sneaky way of disappearing lately. What have I done this week? Where did my energies go? I'm sure I must have done something worthwhile besides grocery shop, groom dogs, clean house, plan meals, wash clothes, run nauseum.

Perhaps that's the problem: time is disappearing because my LIFE is disappearing in little dribs and drabs of endless monotony. Why am I doing that? Yes, there are things that "need" doing. But geez, EVERY day??? Maybe it's because all those things help keep the wolf of anxiety away from the door in these very disturbing, turbulent times. Could I be using all that as insulation from the stresses and strains? Probably. But boy, I need to break out of that habit and fast. Anxiety in manageable amounts won't kill me....might jumpstart all those creative juices I just know are way down there somewhere.

So, where to start? Hmmm. Guess that better be the topic of thought (with ACTION) next week.

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